My Firefighting Flashlight

Once in a while I like to share some of my favorite tools for the fire service. For my bunker gear, I strap on a Pelican Big Ed right angle flashlight. This puppy is very bright (39 lumens), has a nice ring on top that I can clip on to, and is very rugged. It is Class 1, Division 2 rated.

Personally I prefer the C-battery version, although they also make a rechargeable model. As a volunteer, I keep my gear in my gear bag ready to go, so a long shelf life is critical for me. If you work shifts at the station, you may prefer the rechargeable. About once a year I swap out the batteries so they are fresh and the light is bright. I’ve had my flashlight for over 15 years and it is still going strong.

Do you have a different flashlight you prefer?

Big Ed flashlight on Amazon


Shortly after writing this post, I checked out a competing flashlight, the Streamlight 90540 Survivor LED Flashlight. I actually have one of these, too, and was surprised that its lumen rating was a whopping 140 in high mode and 47 in low mode. This came as a Christmas gift and never made it in to my bunker gear, but maybe it should replace my Big Ed???

Streamlight Survivor on Amazon


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