Apps for Emergency Responders

Obviously, my favorite emergency response apps are the ones I’ve created myself : ) But I use a few iOS apps from other developers that I find very handy, and I will list a few of those here:

  • Scanner911 – Sometimes I find myself without my radio, and a 911 call comes in. I almost always have my phone with me, so I will quickly tune in on the internet broadcast of our dispatch channel to stay updated.

What is your family motto?

After I grew up, I found that certain phrases that I heard from my Mom stuck with me. After I became a Dad, I found myself repeating some of these phrases to my own children. So, the question is, what will your children be repeating after they grow up and have their own children?

Now is your chance to come up with a phrase that reinforces some desirable moral or ethical behavior, and repeat that to your children. I’m not saying your children are like parrots, but in a way they are : )  What do you want your family motto to be?

Here is one of mine: I tell me children that “Coveles don’t lie, cheat, or steal”.

Basic Development Tips

If you’ve been programming for a while, you will have learned these things through the school of hard knocks. If you are just getting started, then learn ’em, know ’em, and live ’em!

Shiny New Blog

OK, I have so much to say, I figured I would start writing stuff down. This blog will cover a few main topics: software development, emergency response technology, and some parenting tips I’ve learned while being a father of three.